Are we in for a year of slow but sure action?
What did the telephone solve?

Great quotes to get the week started

Last week social media contacts - friends - brought me some jewels of quotes:

Dawid Miracle published this one

"The difference between try and triumph is a little umph!"

(Dawid helps Building Successful Websites for Independent Professionals and Small Business Owners and co-founded The Advisory Gym on Facebook)

Long standing friend Kent Blumberg brought us this one - which made me chuckle

"A procrastinator is someone that can't take now for an answer."

(Kent is an Executive coach: Catalyzing your Growth and and organises tele-seminars on "networking for the shy and not-so-shy".


Kent Blumberg


Thanks for the plug, but I didn't originate that quote. I found it in a Twitter tweet by Justin Glover. His blog is at

Karin H.

Hi Kent

Thanks for this. You did bring it to my attention though ;-)
Justin Glover's blog The Income Coaches can be found here

Karin H

At 03:06 26/01/2009, you wrote:

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