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Banks, bonuses and marketing

When I watched the news yesterday evening one question came to mind:

Who will have the nerve to swap bonuses for marketing?

Banks are known to pay big bonuses, banks are known to market themselves as trustworthy institutions where it is safe to leave your money.
Banks now also are known to receive/ask taxpayers rescue packages.

Would you leave your money in the hands of a bank, who - cap in hand - asked for Government funds/guarantees (taxpayer's money - our money) to survive but still pay those big bonuses?

Or would you trust a bank who sends out a clear marketing message:

We need your money in more ways than one, you can trust us to to manage your money (businesses, personal and tax payers) properly so we've binned the bonuses.

I wonder who will be the first to use the binning of bonuses for long term branding result.


If anyone believes the greedy banking fraternity will waive their bonus's they do not live in the same world as me. Our great leader, Gordon the moron Brown, can huff and puff all he wants. He will be ignored. Now the banks have our money he can't take it back and he won't nationalise them - it's too risky politically - so once again the bankers have us all over a barrel. The Mafia are amateurs compared to his mob. They screw us into the ground without bloodshed and the public just lie down and take it - amazing!! We Brits are becoming more and more like sheep and leemings.
Wake up UK before it's too late. There's a EU bank supremo about to be appointed. Does anyone seriously believe this guy will be good for us Brits? All the Europeans want to do is steal our wealth out of the city. You wait and see - it will happen, eventually, unless there is some kind of UK revolution to stop it happening.
That's my rant for the day!! Anybody concur??
Regards to all - Tony Clarke.

Karin H.

Hi Tony

You're more than welcome to rant. Question for you though: if you bank with one of the still bonus paying banks will you take action?

Oh, btw - as a non-British European - I do hope you mean the European politicians and not our fellow 'suffering from the same idiots' sheeps and lemmings in Europe's other countries.

Karin H.

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