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Miss-fired benefits - do we really need this?

Copy-writing and marketing should be focused more on benefits of a product or service than on features. We've all been taught this by many experts and gurus: your lead/prospect/client is tuned in to WII.FM: What's In It For Me.

So we talk about saving time and effort of cleaning a wooden floor compared to carpets; about increasing the value of your home when you install wooden flooring instead of carpets etc.

And then sometimes you watch a TV-commercial - I love watching commercials - that miss-fires on benefits.
Yes, I know we had some inches of snow lately - almost crippling UK's logistics - but how often a year does that happen? Is 'snow-motion' traction control really the most important benefit you are looking for in a new car?

Citroen thinks it is:

Does your benefit marketing ever miss-fire?


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