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Flooring the Consumer interview

Social Media is a funny thing, you meet all kinds of people world wide. Sometimes it's a Social Media Tool you share, sometimes it's a marketing method you both are implementing and want to compare results, and sometimes because - no matter where in the wide world the other is based - you work in the same type of business/trade.

That's how Christine B. Whittemore and I met - well, through a combination of reasons, the Z-list from end 2006 and the fact both our main blogs are about flooring:

Beginning this month CB asked me the following questions - as part of her weekly blog series: "Social Media bridging old and new" (and according to CB it also falls in the "Flooring It Differently" category):

  1. How/why did I get involved in Social Media?
  2. What do you like most about social media?
  3. What do you like least about social media?
  4. How have you used social media to promote your business?
  5. What 5 suggestions do you have for companies to implement so they can more effectively bridge old media with new media and connect with end users?
  6. Any other thoughts to share about effectiveness of social media in forging stronger relationships with customers?

I did warn her about my inability to keep things short (I keep things simple, that should be obvious ;-)) - did I 'floor the consumer'?

You decide, and do say hello to CB when your there.


C.B. Whittemore

Karin, thanks very much for participating and sharing your wisdom. And yes you did floor the consumer!

Karin H.

LOL, thanks for this CB

Karin H

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