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Well done Wellworth, the latest Green Shoot

Last week - as most of all weeks - the news was filled with doom and gloom stories about the economy, the recession, the redundancies, the closures and struggling businesses.
But hurray, there was one significant Green Shoot the journalists did dare to report - always wonder when they too realise we're kinda fed up with doom and gloom stories, I hear from more they don't really turn on the TV to watch the news lately.

When Woolsworths - a dinosaur institution - closed the last of its 807 shop early January was this really due to the recession or, as my insertion mentions, had it become too old, too rigid, too stuck in its ways to survive the changes of this Millennia?
(In Ashford there used to be a Woolworths too, brown lino on the floor and rows of just a little bit of everything. From cd's, clothes, small electrical goods, cutlery and linen to books and toys - never sure I think of its target market.)

It seems the shop manager of "Woollies" in Dorchester had no intentions to let things end this way - as things had ended for most dinosaurs. There is still life in the beast I presume she thought, if the beast adepts to the modern times (there are still offspring of dinosaurs around too).
"Dorchester always was a profitable shop, even though the company wasn't."

Wellies, a Green Shoot shrugging of the recession With backing from financiers she re-opened the old location of Woollies in Dorchester, changed the name to "Wellworth" - adding a catch phrase: well worth the money" - which now already has been nicknamed "Wellies" and kept the best bits of the dinosaur, those bits the local customers liked. Familiar items and familiar faces:

Pick & Mix and more importantly re-employed 20-22 of her old staff (in the news report I watch some of the employees shed a tear of joy and pride no doubt!).

But no more cd's, dvd's or clothing. Claire Robertson has filled "Wellies" with more locally produced lines: pet and craft section and wooden toys.
This local focus in products will no doubt support not just her shop but more businesses in the region: now that's got to be a win-win situation in anyones book!

So, well done "Wellies" and all the best! Go for it!

(sources: Brournemouth Echo and Daily Start)



This is the best example of "never surrender" in spite of any odds. A fighting spirit worth emulating. Congrats!

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