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THE Multiple Media Publishing Machine - ScreenSteps Desktop Pro

A month ago I reported on the "at least 5 methods" you can publish your content with ScreenSteps Desktop Pro.

Make that: at least 6!

As Word (docx) document ScreenSteps (by Blue Mango Learning Systems) has now added a new export facility to their Pro program (beta version): as docx document.

Let me list all the 'standard export methods again:

  1. PDF - per lesson, per a handful of selected lessons and per manual (= collection of lessons)
  2. HTML - per lesson, per handful of selected lessons and per manual
  3. ScreenSteps Live (when added to your account, for a monthly low fee, to create an instant and growing FAQ or Users Manual online - see the preview of The AWeber Strategies and Tactics for Small Businesses as example)
  4. Blog/web - per lesson into WordPress, Movable Types and Typepad blogs
  5. Word 2007 - per lesson, per handful of selected lessons and per manual (including, like with all the manual export options, a TOC)

All this - mind the note about ScreenSteps Live - for only $59.95 (that's around £ 39 - £40 at today's rate) That's all, not a monthly or annual price, that's what you pay, once! A steal!

Is this a blatant promotion for the program? Yes it is.

And with reason. Since I bought ScreenSteps Desktop Pro end of last year for this IMHO ridiculous low amount I've

  • written 7 wood-guides (4 as digital products),
  • plenty of product leaflets
  • and instructions of use for our Wood You Like prospects and clients
  • I've combined leaflets and guides in complete E-books with a simple drag and drop of existing lessons 
  • for all the blogs I manage I've used the blog export method
  • Over at 1 Plus 1 Makes 3 I've used it to write lessons for my blog workshop students,
  • created a complete E-training on AWeber and more E-trainings in the pipeline.
  • Even without the ScreenSteps Live addition I can turn these trainings into E-books or password protected blogs/websites

And I've discovered a 6th method to publish my content (over and over, as stand-alone, in combination with other lessons) with one click of a button. I now also use new or existing content to publish follow-up messages and/or broadcasts in AWeber. If you want to know more about the how and the what, it's part of the Best AWeber Strategies and Tactics for small Businesses E-training on ScreenSteps Live (or select the PDF version, comes without updates though).

I'm a big fan of Typepad blog platform, I'm an even bigger fan of AWeber the ultimate Permission Marketing Machine and I'm an absolute big fan of ScreenSteps:

ScreenSteps - Documentation Done Right
And that's exactly what this program does. Create documentation quickly and very, extremely even, efficiently. Or in other words: create content once, publish it in multiple ways over and over again.

Blue Mango holds weekly webinars on all the possibilities ScreenSteps Pro will give you, you can register here - and for interested business in the UK/Europe they've arranged 'early' webinars too (early for the US, around noon here)


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