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Using ScreenSteps with AWeber made even easier in 2.7 release

Before: 6 Steps

Recently I explained how you can use any article you've already written in ScreenSteps in combination with AWeber. It involved:
1) copying your AWeber template as a
2) html template for ScreenSteps,
3) adding specific coding from ScreenSteps in this html template.
Once that was done, you could
4) export any article in ScreenSteps using this template,
5) then copy/paste the complete code from this html page
6) into the source of your new AWeber message

Now: 2 simple steps


Last week Blue Mango released the Beta 2.7 version of ScreenSteps Desktop. One of the new features is the Clipboard copy function - a new icon in the menu bar.
You can use this to add the content of an article (lessons) you've written in ScreenSteps into an email for instance, which will also copy the images/screenshots into it. A quick and simple solution when you want to email your prospect/client an individual email to answer a question he/she might have.

For AWeber users this new feature makes it absolutely fool-proof simple to create a follow-up or broadcast message from content already written. Go to the article/lesson in your ScreenSteps Desktop program
1) Click the Clipboard icon
2) paste (ctrl V) the content straight into your new Aweber message (using your standard template if you have).
Done! Including all the hyperlinks you inserted in your article are instantly there.

(Please note that images won't be copied with your text due to how AWeber lets you place images in your messages, they have to be online already!).


Example, above is the template I've created for one of the 1 Plus 1 Makes 3 email lists. In AWeber, click copy which copies the template into a new message (broadcast or follow-up)

Now, all I have to do to add content from my ScreenSteps library is click the clipboard and paste (crtl V) the contents in the new message.


And if needed I can now add images to the message.

The above example is only one of the many new features in the new release.

ScreenSteps Desktop, making publishing content in a multitude of ways easier and easier!

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