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Dynamite book launch. | Web Marketing with Ed Rivis

From the desk/blog of the author himself:

My new book E-Mail Marketing Dynamite launched yesterday.

At the moment I’m giving it away FREE!

If you want a copy all you have to pay is a few pounds to cover the cost of postage and packing to anywhere in the United Kingdom. (Overseas costs a little bit more but the book is essentially still free.)

As the name implies this one’s all about e-mail marketing - how any small business can get massive leverage on the incredible power this medium provides to boost sales and profits.

Click here to grab a free copy of E-Mail Marketing Dynamite — but do it now before I regain my commercial sensibilities and start charging for it! :)

I wish you the best of success with your e-mail marketing - let me know how it goes.


P.S. The book also features interviews with 11 small business owners who are successfully using email to grow their businesses — and they even include a plumber and a ‘high street’ retail shop — so hopefully this book will once for all dispel the myth that only technology companies can use email marketing!


And one of those 11 Ed mentions here is our business: Wood You Like, a small retailer in rural Kent - selling and installing a high value item connected with the housing market: wooden flooring.
Our turnover this year has surpassed last year's turnover, we use email marketing in a constant and effective way to establish meaningful and even educational relationships with prospects and many have turned into long term clients (no matter what the economy throws at them or us). We build on trust and our cement is email marketing.



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