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Pipeline marketing - going beyond AWeber, part 1

How did that happen?

20092010 And all of a sudden 2009 is gone, past, never to be returned to ever! 365 whole days just whooshed by it seems, where has a whole year gone?

Is it true that the older we get, the more quicker time seems to pass or is it true that "time flies when you're having fun?"


I'd planned to write my regular recap of the year last week, but boy, even the last days of December seem to sped by at wrap-drive. So, very shortly then:


  • we are not allowed to complain about the apparent worst recession year (hard to complain when your business manages to grow 12.6%)
  • we further fined-tuned our email marketing efforts (and were featured in Ed Rivis latest book: Email Marketing Dynamite)
  • we launched our "Comprehensive Installation Guide" which turned out to be a great success, so this year (2010) we will turn the E-guide into a paperback version
  • we enjoyed a long and lovely summer in our lovely village
  • ....

Isn't it funny that even when looking back at 365 whole days it is hard to recall any specific moments? We just seemed to carry on and on, doing what we love doing and realising step by step, day by day what we had planned (hoped more likely due to the negative and pessimistic media noises) to do.

Sincerely hope you had a good year too and are, like is, full of confidence the first year of a brand new decade will be more than all right.
(New decade: is it truly already 10 years ago we moved - emigrated -to Kent?)

And this year we will go beyond my beloved AWeber - more about this "venture" later (if, no, when I find time to tell you about the new software application we have started to use for our "pipeline marketing").

What are your plans for this year, any significant changes planned? Any worries, happy tidings?


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