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The benefits of moving home

In 2005 we found our showroom very close by home in the lovely village of Charing - 150 meters from our home. Before this, the first two years, we had been trying to run our "retail" business from that homely location - not something I would recommend.

Living so close to the "work-place" come with its own perks: no commuting, no parking problems and simply crossing the road to open the shop door when needed - even after or before official opening hours. And that's what happened - in the end I "worked" 6 days per week in the shop.

When occasionally becomes standard


That 6th day happened kind of by accident: on a Saturday we received a phone call from people in London: would we be open the next day? Since we hadn't planned anything for Sunday we said: yes, by all means drop by. As chance would have it, after this couple had left, another car parked in front of the shop and came into the shop looking for wooden floors - their only intention had been to see where we were located, but since the shop doors stood open they simply ventured in there and then.

And I'm sure you know how occasionally becomes more frequently, becomes the standard. The last three years we were open on Sunday afternoon as standard. More often than not no one visited on those afternoons, but I'd found myself plenty of tasks to do - as you do.


Until end of April this year the 3 men strong committee of trusties of the School House we had been living in since early 2002, brought us the message that the house - due to several reasons, Offsted regulations and lack of major maintenance the largest ones - would be demolished during summer and we were gracefully given 2.5 months to find another home for ourselves.

Having to say goodbye to the lovely, drafty and starting to leak, house we'd called homes for the last 8 years brought some stress with it, also because we knew there's a lot of competition out there at the moment to try and rent a home (getting on the property ladder is becoming more and more difficult for many which brings more demand than supply in rental properties).

New lovely home


Fortunately within a month of being told to move out we'd found another lovely home - although outside Charing this time. Where and how we found this house - that received a total of 5 applications from hopeful future tenants - would take a whole post on its own. Suffice to say we used proper marketing tactics to become more desirable tenants than others.

So for the last three months I've been "commuting" the 8 miles between home and work every morning and afternoon - on its own a very lovely drive through Kent's county roads (A roads nonetheless). Work is now too far away to simply go there that 6th day.

New lovely Sundays

Sundays are now spend at home. The mornings occupied by reading the Saturday Times - like in the old house - but from then onwards the habit has changed tremendously. Late mornings are now filled with household shores - something almost alien to me in the old house - and afternoons by pottering in the large garden, walks to the local pub - a walk of over 1.5 mile - and simply enjoying time off, recharging the battery.

Lovely new toy


That is, until the weather turned. We're not ones to go out and about in the car on Sundays and are (now) quite happy to spend a whole day at home. But I see the darker days of Winter coming and started to fear boredom, since the home pc didn't survived the move. Therefore last week I purchased a lovely new toy: a Samsung N210 10.1 inch netbook to keep my mind and writing urges happy (my hand-writing is never been of such a neatness even I have trouble deciphering what is written one day later, so pen and old fashion note book were out of the question).

The Netbook arrived Saturday and the first program I installed was my beloved ScreenSteps Desktop - since I don't plan to ferry the netbook to and fro a memory stick will quite simply suffice to import newly written "lessons" into the existing SSD libraries in the office PC.

The keyboard of the N210 and its bright but mat screen are absolutely great and although I still have to get more used to all the short cuts and using the touch pad instead of a mouse (which of course could be added through one of the many ports the N210 comes with) I'm sure it will give me hours and hours of writing pleasure. This post is written on it and more will no doubt follow - which gives me the opportunity to publish a bit more regular on this blog and the FAQ & News blog of our business.

Sundays are now writing days, where the Netbook will feature on the dining table in our large room, where a wood fire will be roaring to keep the Autumn and Winter cold out.




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