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When your accounting program starts emailing you, you pay attention!

You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Like yours, my inbox frequently receives marketing messages from plenty of businesses; some are expected and welcomed, plenty are really just spam, others come from businesses you dealt with one time or the other and some have the audacity to state the email I receive is within the anti-spam regulation and all I have to do is opt-out. If you know me a little bit you know how I despise this opt-out practise, there is no way in the world a practise like that can ever create a happy new client.

Marketing messages from businesses you do know but no longer want

Then there's that other bug-bear of mine: email marketing messages you can't seem to get rid off. Why do some businesses make it so hard for their prospects/clients to unsubscribe? What's the use/benefit of that? I know nobody wants to see their email list decrease in numbers, but making it almost impossible to stop further emails coming in feels like the ultimate begging: please, please don't leave me!

Beginning last week I received an marketing email from BT (British Telecom) about the benefits of returning to them as client. Since for the last four years we're very satisfied with the tariff and service we receive from Your Connection whom take care of all our business phone lines (except mobile phones, which are taken care of by Digital World Direct, also providing us ongoing great service) I saw or see no need to switch back to BT. So I went in search of the unsubscribe link and finally found it in the small print almost at the bottom of the email. To my amazement the link brought me to a BT web page that stated the following:

"We will deal with you request to unsubscribe from our marketing list as soon as possible. In the meantime you might receive further emails from us."

Begging your pardon? Deal with my request as soon as possible? BT? Whom took over 3 weeks to connect our new home phone, doing something as simple as removing my email address from their list as soon as possible? Where the simplest - free - email marketing systems have the ability to do this automated the minute a subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link, why on earth does it take a company, who fames itself for quick and easy communication, so long I can receive further emails I don't want anyway?

Jumping through hoops


True to their word on Friday another BT marketing message arrived in my inbox - grrrrr!
Found the unsubscribe link again, to discover this time I'd landed on quite a different web page where it's hard to make out where and how you can be removed from their list. It took selecting one out of two options, which brought up two new links to select between and finally two new options to let BT know for once and for all I do no longer want to receive their messages - I had to reread the sentence twice to make sure I had finally arrived on the correct option to unsubscribe. The sentence even included the wording: we do not like to see you go - no, that's why they make it so difficult to leave no doubt!

This whole episode of trying to escape from marketing messages you don't want any longer, reminds me of the lyrics from "Hotel California" by The Eagles:

"You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave."

So I'm now wondering when the next BT marketing email will arrive.


Fred H Schlegel

I find the best unsubscribe button tends to include the words "junk" or "spam".

Karin H.

Hi Fred

My thought exactly! If indeed those unwanted or no longer wanted emails keep arriving in the inbox, there's where they go!

Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

Karin H.

I just don't believe it!!!

Received another BT email marketing message today with again another way to unsubscribe, this time by email.

How weird is that? The first way was automated but not really, the second one made me jump through hoops and now the third method is to email:

To change your communication preferences, click here (which triggers that email) or send an email to btunsubscribe@bt.com Please note that it may take up to 28 days to process your request.

Come on BT! Get me off that list!!!!

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