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When images are not enough - a little game for the holidays

It's often said "a picture tells more than a thousand words". But then again, and as with everything, it really depends on what you are trying to "depict" (excuse the pun).

Installation instructions

Suppose you've been looking forward to this moment: boxes and boxes of wooden floor arrive at your doorstep and you're rearing to go, install that floor and score those needed brownie points with the missus (or nowadays also more often: showing the man in the house women are as good at DIY as the boys think they are).

Behind the wrapping of the boxes you see that all important document: installation instructions and you quickly you - carefully - rip open the top box to get your hands on the instructions.

Let's play a little game


I've copied the installation instructions recently found in boxes of quality wooden floors. You tell me, in the comment box, what each picture tells you (there are "only" 19 of them and fortunately each one has a number).


Now even I can't make any sense of this last one. I do know you should not install a floor like this with a fixed pattern as the picture shows, but not sure about the foot prints though.

What do you think? Could you install your wooden floor with help of this pictures? I'm very curious - so tell me in the comment box what you think each picture means, or just the ones you think makes sense (or which ones has you baffled).

The strangest thing of all is that underneath the pictures there's a website mentioned where you can find a PDF file (in 4 languages - Dutch, English, German and French) where all the pictures are explained, plain and simple.


(I found the meaning of image 19 there too, and it is quite different to what you might expect, but I'm not going to give the "game" away.

So, manufacturer, why do it the hard way? What's wrong with adding the elaborative laying instructions in the box instead of the riddles?

Rest assured though, whenever you buy one of the quality floors from this manufacturer from us (Wood You Like Ltd), we'll print out the elaborative instructions for you, before we deliver the boxes of wood to you.

Oh, BTW (by the way), because it's a game there's a price too of course. The one who manages to turn these images in the most practical installation guide wins an Gift Voucher of £ 5.00 (because it's Christmas ;-))
(Or if you live local to our showroom I'll present you with a tin of Wax-care for your own oiled wooden floor.)

Get your entry in before 2011 to make a chance to win.


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