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The ultimate "your site cannot be found cold call" stopper - StatCounter

For as long as we manage our own website, blogs and most other online presences we are using StatCounter for web traffic analytics.
StatCounter gives you much more indebt insight in various statistics than IMHO Google Analytics, specially the "visitor path".
I can give you plenty of examples, but that's for another post.

Beta (New) has just got better


Since the launch of the Beta version, with brand new features making navigation between various projects simpler, I've switched from the old to the new StatCounter site.
During this short time, the good people of StatCounter keep improving the features, giving you more instant extra data.

The statistics of StatCounter has helped us improve our website, we keep an eye on most frequently used search phrases and implement those in our pages or, as happened a few times, wrote whole new pages/guides based on it. The "7 Easy Steps to Repair/Restore your parquet floor" is one of those examples - and within days this page was (and is) one of the most popular pages on our site (and bringing in new clients frequently).


We know our website, blog and other presence often score high on many Google searches - and still you get, sometimes on a weekly base, those calls from SEO businesses.

"We couldn't find your website on Google, we can help you getting better found" - The Holy Script of all of them I think. My standard answer is always: well, fortunately for us, our clients and prospects can and do find us.

And now this new feature in the New StatCounter will stop them right in their track:


Just a few examples (at the moment the ranking icon shows only when the searcher used the redirect - cached page).

So, SEO cold callers, be warned. We've now got even more proof you are telling porkies!



Hi Karin,

Thanks so much for your kind words - we are especially happy to hear how StatCounter has helped you improve your site ;)

We are very excited about the New StatCounter but we couldn't have developed it without all the comments and suggestions from our members - particular thanks for all *your* feedback Karin!

Karin H.

Hi Jen

Thanks for dropping by. Indeed, I know where to find the feedback button ;-) and always impressed about the speedy replies and how often the feedback is acted upon.

Karin H


It's ages since I've seen inside a stats counter dashboard - looks great!

Karin H.

Hi Ed

More than great ;-)
Effective and a real treasure trove in key items for especially those - like me - who want to dive really deep into the statistics of web traffic, even following one single visitor from start to end (in one view).

As said above, it's been an essential tool to know which subject should be turned into a landing page.

Karin H


Hi Karin, found your blog through Ed's site, you have some interesting posts here!

I used to use Statcounter for years but slipped off to GA quite a while ago.

I do though have stat counter access on a few clients sites, haven't visited for a long while but you've given me the kick to go and have a look at the new dashboard, it seems like there are some great new features :-)

PS. Even Google gets spam emails from (so called) SEO's LOL, very funny if you haven't read before, it's on their SEO page...

..."Be wary of SEO firms and web consultants or agencies that send you email out of the blue.

Amazingly, we get these spam emails too:

I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories..."

Reserve the same skepticism for unsolicited email about search engines as you do for "burn fat at night" diet pills or requests to help transfer funds from deposed dictators."

Karin H.

Hi Stuart, welcome

Hadn't known about the SEO businesses pestering even Google - so in fact, we're in good company ;-)

Karin H

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