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Experiment - a manifest, with a twist

This week I've launched a new blog, a new experiment.

For a few months now I've been trying to put my thoughts and ideas (and in other words, grumbles) on the existing state of the economy on paper as a kind of "manifest": why these things seem to happen in deepening cycles and how/why there has to be another way in business, life, community and society. Like I said, a kind of manifest.
To cut a long story short: none of my trial versions passed muster in my own eyes. Too much to tell, explain, show a different way. I failed to put all of it into a comprehensive - and readable - paper.

It would come out as gobbledygook, and no one would have a clue what it was all about I'm trying to tell. I'd almost given up on the idea, because if something is worth doing, it's worth doing well - and I was not getting anywhere doing it even half decent.

Combining ideas

Then, two weeks ago, my "love for combining" brought the solution:

For many years I have this story in my head I always thought I would write down some day (when I'm old and retired?). The story is not another business novel like my first ever paperback publication (of which this blog is a spin-off): "The Kiss Business, the Keep It Simple Sweetheart principle in business".
No, this time it' going to be a different genre, one I've always been a great fan of, even since childhood: science fiction.

Why not combine the two? The outline of the SF story has been in my head for years now, but not (yet) set in stone, just the general gist of which characters and which adventures they would encounter. I don't know if you've ever written a book or long story, but my experience is that the story seems to develop itself further and firmer once you start the actual writing. And often the story takes a surprising turn through a specific - unplanned - sentence. It twists, turns, rolls around in the head and on paper.

Adding an extra "ingredient" in my SF story is therefore quite easy and a new idea was born. For years I have a title in my head: "Jumpers" - the actual story will explain why this title. I've now added a sub-title to it: Jumpers - a manifest.

Over the years I've learned that telling stories is one of best ways to explain a new concept, a new idea. Contrary to believe; words do sometimes tell more than a picture ;-)

The Experiment


Writing a story, specially one with an extended purpose, is quite good fun. Side paths can be taken, flash backs used to introduce the history of various characters, two way discussions inserted to explain how and why the characters are worried, excited, doing the things they do etc. A very different method than just writing a "white-paper".

So, how about following this very process yourself? If, of course, you're at all interested in this. But if you are, you can follow the development of the story, the characters and the adventure on my brand new blog: Jumpers - a manifest, where draft chapter by draft chapter will be published (and edited if and when needed).

The first draft chapter went up yesterday, then I discovered I should have called it chapter 1.0, because a first twist already appeared and turned into chapter 1.1 (not published yet). I can't promise how regular the drafts will be published or how often an edited chapter will replace a draft.

You can subscribe to receive an email alert when new material has been published and by all means: leave your comments, thoughts in the comment box of the new blog.

I'm sure I'll be having a great time - and once in a while a bad time - writing my "manifest" with a twist. Come and join the adventures of my characters. I promise there will be some radical business ideas strewn in for good measure!


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