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Shall I Clarify-it for you?

When words are not enough to explain a problem or a bug in a software program screenshots normally will help to clarify the problem and speed up the interaction between user and support desk.

I often use(d) ScreenSteps Desktop for these matters

ScreenSteps Desktop


One of my favourite programs to write documentation, manuals, blog posts and instructions with. Very simple to add screenshots or other images and a multiple way to export the document (or whole manual) to Word, PDF, Blogs, Websites, ScreenSteps Life etc.

But using ScreenSteps Desktop for the one-off documents to explain a problem is now a thing of the past. No longer do I need to have a separate "manual" in the program where they add (uneccesarry) to the number of files in my Library.

From the makers of all things ScreenSteps: Clarify-it


A product name that does exactly what it says on the tin: it clarifies your (one-off) communications.

It works partly in the same way as SSD, but with some specific differences: no instant saving to your library (you can opt to save the document though) and what I quite like about this (can I call it like that) "spin-of" is it has nestled itself in the task bar


always "at the ready" to quickly take a screenshot - which then automagically opens the program - add a tittle and some - if needed - further details, click share and off it goes as online document to be viewed by the support desk of the company I need to explain the problem to.

Clarify-it or Dropbox


You can upload it to your (free) account of Clarify-it (which also works with ScreenSteps Desktop) and/or to Dropbox.

Automagically the link to the page (hidden for google spiders and bots) on is copied to your clipboard and all you have to do is create an email to the support desk you need help from, paste the link and let them sort out the problem.

I don't even have to save the document, it's online and when the problem is solved I don't need it any longer so why would I add extra files to my pc?



Here's the actual link.

And presto, hardly half an hour later:


In need of clear as crystal and speedy one-off communications? Just Clarify-it

(Beta download now available for both Mac and PC)


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