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Recharging Sundays: 08.07.2012

Brand (mis)match, blur, blur, blur


When one of the big supermarkets proclaims to Brand Match the price of their competitors, the first thing which comes to mind is that in fact they - Sainsbury in this case - are actually telling me:

Our prices have been too high for a long time



IMHO it is a brand mismatch:

  • you go to Sainsbury because this company is regarded as being of higher quality (just like Waitrose is perceived as);
  • you go to Tesco or Asda because these two are always trying to win "we're the cheapest" game, not quality (perceived quality).

Is Sainsbury joining this game now and by doing so "re-branding" themselves for the sake of market share? Blur, blur, blur

What do you think?


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