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i am very much intrusted in online business if there is any book explaining this thing please do mail me thank you. Very nice site

Karin H.

Hi Firewheels

Try 1 Plus 1 Makes 3 - another dynamic and interactive site from my hand - which covers more articles (and free tips when you subscribe to that list) on online businesses, how to get the most out of various available online software etc.


I believe the secret to online conversion is to build trust. So secure payment, full contact details, freephone, 100% risk guarantee etc.

Karin H.

Hi Lee

I would agree in most circumstances. Contact details yes - the about page should tell you always enough and so many bloggers and website owners forget about that - phone number yes, free phone number is not a necessity in most cases - secure payment yes, only in those cases where you have something on offer or know for sure that affiliate links end up on sites with secure payments in place.
100% risk guarantee: you are guaranteed of quality online conversations when more than the above items are in place: respect for your readers and the comment box ;-)

Karin H

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